Airtel 3G smartbytes

3G smartbytes Presenting Smartbytes – the incredible 3G top-up service from airtel that lets you catch the online action! So once you’re done with your benefit usage, just top-up from our affordable 3G plans and you’re good to go! Simple, isn’t it?.

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3G refers to the third generation of developments in wireless technology, especially mobile communications. The third generation, as its name suggests, follows the first generation (1G) and second generation (2G) in wireless communications. 3G includes capabilities and features such as: Enhanced multimedia (voice, data, video, and remote control). Usability on all popular modes (cellular telephone, e-mail, paging, fax, videoconferencing, and Web browsing). Broad bandwidth and high speed (upwards of 2 Mbps). Roaming capability throughout Europe, Japan, and North America. While 3G is generally considered applicable mainly to mobile wireless, it is also relevant to fixed wireless and portable wireless. A 3G system should be operational from any location on, or over, the earth's surface, including use in homes, businesses, government offices, medical establishments, the military, personal and commercial land vehicles, private and commercial watercraft and marine craft, private and commercial aircraft (except where passenger use restrictions apply), portable (pedestrians, hikers, cyclists, campers), and space stations and spacecraft. 3G offers the potential to keep people connected at all times and in all places. Researchers, engineers, and marketers are faced with the challenge of accurately predicting how much technology consumers will actually be willing to pay for. Another challenge faced by 3G services is competition from other high-speed wireless technologies, especially mobile WiMAX, and ability to roam between different kinds of wireless networks.